VTS Tactical Volatility – Full Trade History

by | Oct 14, 2013

** All performance results are based on monthly mark to market returns, but this trade history below is just showing the profit of each trade from open to close.  There may be times when trades are carried over from month to month.



  1. Mudit Wahal

    I meant Market on Open next day after you get signals using the previous day closing price. Otherwise, you are simply trading history.

  2. Brent Osachoff

    My signals are given a little before 12:00 pm eastern time, and subscribers can either execute the trades immediately (which roughly 90% of subscribers do) or they can use “market on close” orders.

    If a person uses like you say market on open orders the next day by using the previous days signal, that is further in the past than same day signals are. I appreciate the comment and please feel free to ask me anything, but your suggestion puts the signals even further removed from the time they are given.

    I try to keep the time of signals being given and the execution time as close as possible. Most people do it immediately, but waiting until market close is still the same day which the signal was measured.

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