Volatility Trading Strategies vs 1% per month Fund

by | Feb 1, 2017


The Total Portfolio Solution represents my best effort to provide an exciting alternative to traditional portfolio management.  I strive to provide my clients the highest risk adjusted return possible, outperform all other diversified funds in the financial industry, and at just a fraction of the management fees.  To determine whether I am achieving this lofty goal I measure my results against a few benchmarks:


  • HFRI Hedge Fund Index  –  This includes all categories of hedge funds such as global macro, event driven, relative value and arbitrage funds to name a few.  The HFRI is a good representation of the average returns of the hedge fund industry
  • 1% per month Fund  –  By now many people are aware that the long term average returns of active fund managers is very poor, consistently underperforming simple index funds.  Due to this widespread underperformance, I also measure my performance against a hypothetical fund that earns an impressive 1% per month forever.


Outperforming the hypothetical 1% per month fund not only ensures we will be crushing 99% of the financial industry, but also means the average investor can access consistently high investment returns and achieve their long term retirement goals.


In the long-run individual trading strategies evolve and new ones will always need to be researched, tested, and implemented because the markets change as well.  The one constant though will always be our focus on risk management and the long-term consistent growth of our Total Portfolio Solution.



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