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Yesterday’s 21% VIX spike has given us a window to get into another Iron Condor today.  I’ve done several videos on Iron Condors and I’ve got many more planned for the future because I truly believe option trading, and the Iron Condor specifically provides one of the best risk reward profiles in the investment world.

If you think about the S&P 500 and it’s 20 year annualized return of just 4.6%  (and that’s including reinvested dividends)  and add the fact that investors would have had to put up with two different ~50% drawdowns to get that, it doesn’t exactly have a very attractive risk reward profile.  And the bond market may be safer, but the expected future returns aren’t even as good as the stock market so again same problem, an unattractive risk reward profile.

I started my investment career with options, and I am definitely working to show investors that a conservative Iron Condor fund can achieve a better return with manageable risk compared to traditional asset class investing.

Also a big welcome to one of our VTS community members, just touched down in Taipei, Taiwan today.  Enjoy your vacation.  I warned you about the heat !


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