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Just a quick reminder, please check your junk folder if you ever don’t get your daily trade signal email.  Spam filters are getting increasingly more strict these days.  Originally I intended to just send the backup email for a week or two just to make sure everyone is getting this one sent through MailChimp, but if you don’t mind I think I’ll just do this indefinitely.  I’ll always label the 2nd one “backup” so you can just ignore it, but better safe than sorry right?

This S&P 500 run since US election night last November is impressive.  To be honest, annoying because my strategies definitely achieve better relative performance when we have both sides of the market, but it’s been impressive none the less.  A few days ago I showed the 300+ days since a 5% correction, but how about 210 days since even a 3% correction.  VERY rare territory indeed…

Who thinks it’ll make it to the #1 all time spot?  My money is on no, but I bet it gets close…


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