Due to some requests from a few of you in the community I’ve elected to release a third volatility strategy that would be more suitable for people with higher risk tolerance.  I definitely do my best to steer people towards more conservative investing whenever possible because I truly think that’s the best approach in the long-run, but the fact is that everybody will have different levels of risk tolerance.  So having a family of volatility strategies that people can choose from will hopefully add some value to those few of you who have been asking.

For many of you nothing will change.  We still have the main VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy as it’s been for many years, and it’s likely the one that the most number of people are following.  The long-term performance has been exactly as I hoped from the beginning when I first launched it, but it is skewed to smoothing out performance during difficult years more than taking advantage of easy years.  However I do think the difficult years are much more common which is why I do that.

The other two strategies are just meant to be optional replacements for the main strategy.  I’ve heard from a few dozen of you privately that you’re following the VTS Conservative Vol which is great, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious and focusing on reducing drawdowns.  It is for those with lower risk tolerance.

But I’ve had a few requests for something more active so it’s time to fill out the rest of the family of strategies with the VTS Aggressive Vol.  

As with all of them, I’ve put together a video discussing some of the details and if you’re at all curious about it or perhaps looking to take on a more active strategy, please give the video below a listen and feel free to ask any follow up questions you have.

Most importantly, I mention it in the video and I want to stress it here again, please don’t ever feel like you’ve missed out on anything or feel the need to get overly aggressive to try to catch this volatility wave while it’s hot.  Trust me, it’s not hot.  There have been plenty of great years in the past and there will be plenty of great years in the future.  There’s no urgency here.

A few business functioning points I’d like to make:

–  As far as the daily trade signals go, I will include the VTS Aggressive Vol signal at the bottom of the email under the “Optional Replacement Strategies.”  Most of you are investing in the Total Portfolio Solution and will still be following the main 3 strategies so I will list those first.  The replacement strategies will be down below.

–  It should be ready for AutoTrading in a few days so anybody who has been taking advantage of that service, all 5 of our strategies will be available soon.  If you don’t know what AutoTrading is, click here for a video explanation.  

–  I am anticipating the usual follow up emails talking about potential ways of trading multiple volatility strategies together so I will definitely put together a video in the coming weeks addressing that topic.

Please enjoy the video and of course ask me anything you like


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