VIDEO: Investing in Overvalued Markets

by | Dec 6, 2017


With every month / year we push forward in this now 2nd longest bull market in history, it becomes increasingly more difficult for investors to make rational decisions.

In the early stages of bull markets it’s easy to be aggressive and buy, and at that point most things are going up so it’s a lot of fun.

However towards the late stages, that’s when things get tricky.  Some people get overly aggressive because they feel they missed out on the past several years of easy gains.  This may be especially true with volatility trading because for many people it is relatively new to them and they don’t have 5+ years of nice gains under their belt.  And then other investors may be the opposite, finding it very difficult to stay the course and stay allocated.

Please enjoy the video below discussing this topic, and feel free to strike up a private conversation with me about how you’re feeling right now.  I’m not a psychiatrist and you’re not on my couch, but sometimes talking through things does help so feel free to bounce a few thoughts off me if you like.


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