VTS Community,

I had a few follow up questions from yesterday’s blog talking about a Canadian volatility ETF alternative to the XIV / SVXY that I want to address today.


1)  How many of your subscribers are from Canada?

Currently 7% of the VTS community is Canadian so pretty well represented.  Per capita based on population, that’s actually slightly more than I have for Americans.

I’ll put together a full per capita list and do a daily blog on it one day because I get quite a few questions from people asking how many of my subscribers are from their country.  It makes no difference, mine is a global business and these tickers are accessible worldwide, but just for interest sake that might be interesting.  Just eyeballing the numbers, I’m thinking Belgium will be first but Singapore and Norway have to be close also.


2)  Are there any Canadian ETF alternatives for the VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy?  Instead of MDY, IEF, GLD?

Yes there are several.  Although there are downsides to the growing ETF market  (I will get into that in a future post)  but one of the upsides to the explosion in this segment is there are plenty of choices for all types of investors.

So if you are Canadian and looking to keep your purchases Canadian dollar hedged, here’s a few alternative replacements for our positions in Stocks, Bonds, and Gold:

* Sometimes Canadian ETFs are listed with a “.TO” after the ticker.  For example, XMH.TO instead of XMH *

Instead of MDY Stocks:

XMH  –  iShares S&P US Mid-Cap ETF  (CAD Hedged)

Instead of IEF Bonds:

VBU  –  Vanguard US Aggregate Bond ETF  (CAD Hedged)

Instead of GLD Gold:

CGL  –  iShares Gold Bullion ETF  (CAD Hedged)


These aren’t necessary even for Canadians, and most will just elect to stick to the same underlying as everybody else  (MDY, IEF, GLD)  but if your personal investing situation leads you to favour Canadian funds then these will be viable replacements.


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