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The most boring market in history rolls on, and I do mean that literally.  As a measure of S&P 500 historical volatility and forward implied volatility it’s the calmest market in history.

So let’s skip the market talk today for a personal blog.  You know I was a former professional golfer.  I like to throw golf analogies in my articles and videos every now and then, but here’s something you may not have known about me:


If I could manage it, I’d probably have 5 or more cats!

Don’t get me wrong, dogs are great as well and I’ve often thought that if I did move back to a place like Canada with more open space I’d consider getting a dog.  A Labrador or Husky to go running with would be awesome, but I’m definitely more of a cat person.  I’ve never met a cat I didn’t love, and that didn’t love me.  We just seem to have a bond.

Meet Didi  (means little brother in Chinese)

He’s been my best friend for 12 years now.  He’s an American short hair and honestly the most people friendly cat I’ve ever had.  It doesn’t matter who comes to the door, how loud they are, Didi absolutely has to introduce himself and be right in the action.  If we have company over, he’s always right in the mix.  He also adores every other animal he’s ever encountered which means we can always introduce new friends and grow our family:


Meet Hong Do:  (means red bean in Chinese)

I know she’s not red, but the way you pronounce Hong Do in Chinese is adorable so it suits her perfectly.

She’s a Persian, and we were so lucky to have known her since she was born.  One of our friends cats had a litter so we basically raised her from birth.  I’ve had cats my whole life, probably upwards of 15 over the years, and Hong Do is definitely the smartest I’ve ever seen.  So much so that playing with her is actually kind of annoying.  It’s amazing to watch how fast she sizes up the game and beats it.  She watches me play with Didi and I know in her head she’s thinking, how does this idiot not understand this simplistic game?

I don’t have kids yet, but as any animal lover knows, our pets are our kids and life just wouldn’t be the same without them.  They always follow each other around…


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