VTS Community,

This market is finally showing some weakness and it’ll be interesting to see if the dip buyers that have been so consistent the last 2 years will save things yet again or will a small correction finally be allowed.

As is my investing style, this weakness has pushed us into our safety positions so to be honest a little correction here would be nice to see.  Small pullbacks in the context of a broader bull market are healthy so we’ll see if we get one.

Regardless we have to remember that bull markets are typically many years longer than bear markets and there are plenty of opportunities for profit along the way.  So by far the most important aspect of successful long term investing is risk management and attempting to lose less money during the bad times.  Reducing losses is the best way to maximize long-term performance so I’m perfectly happy moving to safety positions at any signs of trouble.


VTS Community Country Representation:

While we wait, I thought the community might be interested in a few statistics on just what countries are represented here.  I’m proud to say that we have subscribers from 37 countries around the world and the list is growing fast.

On a gross subscriber count basis the United States is the largest by quite a substantial margin with 61% of the total.



However if we break it down on a per capita basis we can see a few of the smaller countries emerge in the top 10.

* The number is how many residents of that country per subscriber.  As an example the population of #8 Belgium is 11.35 million.  Since I have 7 subscribers from Belgium that equates to 1 VTS member per 1,621,429 Belgium residents.



22 countries on that list have multiple subscribers so perhaps you’ve crossed paths with your fellow community member and not known it.  In a few more years when the community grows to a sufficient level we’ll have to have some sort of secret handshake to represent the underground society of non traditional VTS investors  🙂


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