VIDEO: XIV is terminated

by | Feb 9, 2018


VTS Community,

I’ve put together a short video that just shows a few of the charts that many of you have been asking about this week.  What did the VIX spike to, how low did the XIV actually go, as well as some basic commentary of a little bit of the “why” this happened.

I would like to spend more time in the coming weeks looking forward rather than in the rear view mirror though.  This was a major event and it should not be downplayed, but at the same time it was fairly well telegraphed ahead of time and it doesn’t really change much.  Basic rules that apply to all investing is what’s needed.

–  Manageable position sizing
–  Diversification across multiple strategies
–  Plenty of cash during ambiguous times

So enjoy the video, and please keep asking your questions.  This week was rough, but I also feel like it’s been a fantastic learning experience for so many people and that is never a bad thing so stay positive.  Take care


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