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Due to the tragic earthquake a couple weeks ago in my Taiwanese extended family’s hometown of Hualien, we switched locations this year for our Chinese New Year celebration.  Smaller place, less cooks in the kitchen, and a smaller number of prepared dishes  (it’s usually out of control how much variety there is)  but we managed an amazing meal none the less.  Aside from the lobster which was a new addition this year, most of this stuff will be familiar to anyone who’s had a traditional New Years dinner.


This dish is definitely the most famous and one that you absolutely can’t go without on New Years, it’s called fó tiào qiáng.  Literal translation:  Buddha jumps over the wall.  It’s a traditional soup with all kinds of mushrooms, roots, seafood, eggs, spices, medicinal things, and yes sometimes a few organs.  It’s pretty amazing through, please try it if you ever get a chance.


So from Vanessa and I and all of us here in Taiwan, we wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Year of the dog  (my cats won’t like that)

新年快樂!  (xīn nián kuài lè)

恭禧發財!  (gōng xǐ fā cái)

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