VTS Community,


It’s questionnaire time again!

The market is having a very difficult time choosing a direction lately.  As of now S&P futures are down nearly -7% from the highs in early January with some pretty choppy action.  It’s periods like this where I appreciate the safety positions in our Tactical Balanced and Volatility strategies.  We’ll see where this goes but it’s been over 6 weeks since the Feb 5th volatility event and the VIX is over 20 right now.  There’s no doubt things have changed and as I’ve mentioned a few times this year, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if 2018 and beyond look very different than previous years.  Choppy temperamental markets may be back for the foreseeable future.  Risk management is always important of course, but with each passing year this market stretches out it becomes more and more important.


So the last time I put out a questionnaire I received such great feedback from so many of you and it really helps me gauge the pulse of the community and improve both my business as well as your personal experience with it.  Just like last time I will go through all the responses and then do a video discussing results.

This is purely voluntary.  We have a large community and I’ll get plenty of responses so no pressure or judgements at all if you don’t want to participate  🙂


VTS Questionnaire # 2:

1)  Do you prefer my written articles or my video presentations?


2)  Do you prefer shorter daily blogs, or do you like the longer ones that go into more detail?


3)  Do you participate in the VTS Iron Condor Strategy or have any interest in following it in the future?


4)  Do you prefer more or less trade frequency?


5)  A repeat question from last time:  Are you generally bullish or bearish on the markets going forward?


Thank you so much for your help.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m an investor and more of a math guy.  I’m very far from a marketing guy so your assistance with these types of things is very much appreciated.


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