VIDEO: VTS Questionnaire #2 Discussion – Nature Vlog

by | Apr 16, 2018


VTS Community

I’ve prepared a video discussing the most recent VTS Questionnaire which also serves as my first “Vlog” ever.  I did some walking around on Sunday in the park next to my house and shot some nature footage as I talked about the results.  I’m always looking to expand my horizons and learn new skills.  There’s a few things I learned in the process:


1)  It’s fantastic to be back in Canada again.  I’ve always been an outdoors type person and having nature in my backyard again is nice.  I walked nearly 17 kilometers  (10.38 miles)  yesterday making this video and enjoyed every minute of it.  I can definitely see this becoming one of my weekend hobbies.


2)  Vlogging is hard, and embarrassing.  It’s hard enough to get the right footage, setting up the camera and sound equipment correctly to get the material out.  But when you add in the sheer embarrassment of talking to myself while holding a camera in my face, it’s rough.  I have a new respect for Vloggers.

Please enjoy the video.  Based on the feedback I think I’m about to learn very quickly whether I will make future videos like this, or whether this was indeed my first and last attempt at a Vlog.


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