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My Vancouver adventures begin

As many of you know I am Canadian but have been out of the country for a good 18 years or so.  I graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 2000 and then spent the next 6 years playing professional golf.  A little in Canada but most of that time was spent in the United States and a little on the Asia Tour.  Then after retiring from golf in 2006 I became a full time investor and found myself back in Asia but this time in Taipei, Taiwan.  I loved the fast paced lifestyle there, the food, the people, the weather so fond memories of all of it no doubt.

I decided a few months ago though it was time for a new adventure.  I nearly took the plunge and shot off to Europe.  I’ve done a lot of traveling in my life but never to Europe, and I’d love to spend a few years there seeing as much of it as I can.  However after a lot of back and forth and soul searching I find myself in Canada.  Calgary to be specific.  I was born and raised here and this is where my family still is.  As I suspected though the weather and the slow paced lifestyle in Alberta doesn’t really suit me so I’m off to Vancouver.

I’ve packed up the car and should be getting on the road tomorrow.  It’s a 10 hour drive from Calgary to Vancouver which is a breeze for me.  I used to drive much further than that to get to golf tournaments, several times just through the night to get to an event the next day so 10 hours is nothing.  But since it’s been so long since I’ve made that drive I think I might split it up into 2-3 days and enjoy the scenery along the way.  It’s quite beautiful, past a few lakes, up and over the Rocky Mountains, it’ll be nice to see it again.

This will also allow me my full work day so I’m thinking maybe 3-4 hours of driving a day in between study breaks.  I’ve already mapped out several Starbucks along the way which is always my office away from the office so I’m good to go.


Today in the markets

Markets are going to take a run at finally breaking this triangle that’s developed along the 200-day moving average.  It looks good, the indicators we track are all flashing a green light today so we’ll take another swing at this and see if a trend can finally develop after 3 months of ugly chop.

S&P 500 “higher lows”

VIX Index “lower highs”


If this breakout fails again I think that might spell trouble for the markets but things are looking pretty good right now.  As I always say we just trade the math 100%, no predictions.  Our indicators are green so we’re back in.  Hopefully for a while this time but as always we will remain nimble and ready to move back to safety positions on 1 day notice.  That’s the key to long-term success.  Taking part in as much of the uptrends as possible, but not allowing ourselves to bleed too much capital when things go the other way.


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