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I’m halfway through the drive from Calgary to Vancouver now, just stopped at a local Starbucks in Salmon Arm, British Columbia for a work break.Β  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Western Canada and have 10 hours to kill I highly recommend this drive.Β  πŸ™‚

The scenery is quite beautiful and varied.Β  Snow capped mountains in Banff and Lake Louise as you make your way over Rogers Pass.Β  Where I am right now in Salmon Arm which winds around Shuswap Lake.Β  My family had a little summer cabin here when I was growing up so lots of fond memories for me in this area.Β  Then the British Columbia interior gets very lush and green with lots of amazing forest areas to hike around for a little leg stretch.Β  Back in my pro golf days I drove through pretty much every area in North America at one point getting to events and there’s many gorgeous drives to enjoy.Β  Β This one though from Calgary to Vancouver will always be special to me because of all the childhood memories.

For me personally, at 30,000 feet in the air you just miss the whole experience so whenever possible I try to take the opportunity to get the full feeling of the country side at ground level.Β  I love driving.Β  I guess the only downside is, it’s a constant battle to fight the urge to kill 3000 calories of junk food.

Unfortunately the weather has turned on me a bit and started raining so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted.Β  There’s a twisty road coming up that would have made a really nice time lapse video.Β  Fingers crossed there is a break in the weather.

I’ll continue onward today and should make it to Vancouver by the afternoon.Β  It’ll be nice to be there again, it’s been a long time for me.Β  I went to Simon Fraser University there but graduation was about 18 years ago now.Β  I wonder how much the city has changed?Β  I’ll find out soon…


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