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There’s many polarizing subjects in the investing world that’ll get a few people riled up if they are ever brought up at a dinner party.  Apple or Android?  Is Tesla the greatest company on earth or is it going to zero?  I released a video today on another one of those polarizing debates that will have many people planting a flag firmly on one end of the extreme or the other and that is:

Does technical analysis actually work?

It seems quite timely because one of the charts I use in the video is the current resistance line we still haven’t broken through at S&P 2790.  Is it because that’s an area of technical resistance, or just pure coincidence?  Different people will see it a different way but please enjoy the video down below and feel free to ask me any follow up questions you have.


As far as our VTS trades go, all of our ETF positions  (MDY, ZIV, SVXY)  are in a holding pattern waiting for more confirmations of some short-term trends.  With respect to the VTS Discretionary strategy, after most of our option trades expired this past weekend for maximum profit we find ourselves mostly in cash.  The only one that’s still open is the SPX Bear Call Spread which is pretty much where we opened it.  If nothing happens in the next few days it might be time to close it out but it’s a hold for now.

We’ll be on the lookout for another round of trades for the July cycle but I don’t just jump into these things immediately.  We only take the best trade set ups and right now nothing is really jumping off the page so we’ll check back tomorrow.



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