VTS Community,

I get a lot of requests to post more personal blogs about my life and my interests outside investing and VTS.  To be honest I don’t really know why as I’m certainly not a very exciting person.  I work 10 hours a day give or take, every day including weekends, boring boring.  But I’ll try to share a little more for those interested.

So for today I will share that I’m an on again / off again amateur runner.  I really love running when I get into the groove and find it incredibly relaxing and rewarding.  However like a lot of people I sometimes find it difficult to maintain discipline with such a heavy work schedule.  But I do hope to change that by making my goals public and transparent.  Maybe a few of you are runners as well and can hold my feet to the fire and keep me on track!

Another thing I have working against me is because of my golf career and the importance of weight training, I’m actually a lot more built for power lifting than I am for running.  I starting lifting when I was 20 so that’s 22 years of on again / off again lifting.  My personal bests for the main 3 power lifts are:  Benchpress 305.  Deadlift 410.  Squat 355.  1070 combo is pretty decent as my natural weight is around 185 most of the time so I don’t exactly have a runners body.  But I have a goal!

 I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon

For my 40-44 age bracket the qualifying marathon time is 3:15.  Now that’s the time required to send an application but most years it fills up quick so on average you have to do about 2-3 minutes better to actually get in.

 That means I need a 3:12 marathon to qualify for Boston


I did my first and only marathon several years ago and I ran a 3:32.  I’m going to need to do substantially better my second go round if I want to make it.  Here’s my running log through 3 months of my planned 13 month training schedule I’ve laid out for myself:

 I track it all with my iWatch so everything is super easy.  I just have to lace up the shoes and get my butt out there, rain or shine. 

 Over the next 5 months the main goal is just to get my mileage up.  By December I’d like to hit goal #1 where I’m running 2 x 14 km runs and 1 x 21 km run every week.  I also need to be doing it around 10% over my “marathon pace” which means I need to get to 196 km’s a month at an average pace of 5:02 to hit my first goal.

Goal #2 is to work the next 5 months on pushing my runs to 2 x 14 km short runs and 1 x 28 km long run every week, and I’d like to be 5% over my marathon pace.  So 224 km’s a month at a 4:49 pace.

If I can hit those numbers, the adrenaline of race day combined with the fact that I’ll be pushing myself to the limit, I should be able to make up the last 5% pace and finish the 42 km race at the required 4:35 minutes / km pace.



If anybody has any suggestions for me, sees any flaws in my training schedule, any general tips / pitfalls to watch out for, or any recommendations for nice marathons sometime around June 2019 I’m open to all input and suggestions.

I’ll also try to Tweet a little about my runs and show some pictures of the beautiful seawall path I run here in Vancouver so follow me if you’re interested.  (It’s still 95% a VTS business Twitter account)

Follow me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/VolatilityVIX


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