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It goes without saying  (but allow me to say it anyway)  that the VTS Discretionary Options strategy’s primary purpose is to add diversification and performance to our portfolio.  In my opinion, effective options trading should be uncorrelated to the broad markets.  And in this Fed-fueled market, that’s hard to come by.  Introducing some derivatives exposure to a small portion of one’s portfolio is a great way to cover more of the neutral action we often see towards the tail end of a bull market.

However, VTS Discretionary Options is also meant to be a teaching strategy to help introduce more people to the wonderful world of options.  So I figured we could try something a little different and actually do a community exercise for our next trade.

MSCI Emerging Market ETF  (EEM)


So emerging markets are now in “bear market” territory being down over 20% from their highs at the beginning of 2018.  Now obviously the S&P 500 has decided that it doesn’t care, but as options traders, there’s definitely some opportunity here.  The Emerging Market ETF EEM has it’s own VIX style index that we can use to get a rough gauge of volatility.

CBOE Emerging Market ETF Volatility Index  (VXEEM)


So EEM volatility isn’t the highest it’s been, that’s been reserved for a few short-term spikes during February and March, but it’s definitely in its high range.

The price action is obviously very negative, volatility is elevated, and the US market doesn’t seem to care about any of that.  The question I pose to the VTS Community:

What options trade do you like in this situation?


I’ve got mine chosen for the official trade in our Discretionary Options portfolio and will likely put it on tomorrow or the next day, but if you are interested in brainstorming a few of your own ideas feel free to email me and we can talk about it.



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