VIDEO: Top 3 Mistakes Option Traders Make

  Given the headwinds facing the global economy in the coming years, coupled with the combination of record highs in the equity markets and historically low interest rates, I'm not exaggerating when I say we may be facing a real retirement crisis.  Traditional...

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VIDEO: 3 Behavioral Biases Affecting Investors

  Whenever people do an analysis or make judgements on anything, whether that be opinions on social issues, our jobs, government policies, central bank actions, stock market prices, or any number of other things, we filter these things through a database of our own...

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VIDEO: VTS Conservative VOL Strategy

  With volatility trading exploding in popularity recently, many traders out there are jumping in with both feet, perhaps not realizing how difficult it actually is to make a consistent rate of return in the long run.  It's been over a year since there was any market...

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VIDEO: Introducing Auto Trading

  Most of you value the fact that we really scrutinize the markets and only take the highest conviction trades.  It definitely smoothes out results and improves performance in the long-run, but as a nice side benefit it also makes our strategies very easy to follow...

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VIDEO: Is the S&P 500 a good Benchmark?

  All investment strategies and funds are compared to a benchmark, but the question is what benchmark should be used? Typically you try to stay within the same asset class, so if you're trading bonds you'd use a total bond index as your benchmark.  If you're trading...

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VIDEO: The Ulcer Performance Index Explained

  The Sharpe Ratio is one of the most well known risk adjusted return metrics and it is quite good, but in my opinion the Ulcer Performance Index is even better because it only takes into account drawdowns and negative returns which of course are the ones we are...

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VIDEO: How to trade the VTS Iron Condor Strategy

  I love option trading. In my opinion if people avoid the most common mistake which is being too speculative and chase big gains, if traders avoid that then option trading can be as safe and profitable as any category of investing I know of.  We can profit during...

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Option Trading 101: Part 6 – The Option Greeks

  This article was originally posted in January 2013 on my other website which is why the example is from so many years ago, but everything still applies today, so fellow math geeks enjoy!   Understanding "the Greeks" allows option traders to objectively calculate...

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Why losses are so costly to a fund

  In past articles and videos I've often stated that:  "Losses are more costly to a fund than gains are beneficial."  I recently had a member ask me exactly what that means.  Let me illustrate with a simple math problem: If you start with 10,000$ and make 50% on your...

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