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Part 1:  The Email System

Part 2:  Live Trade Execution

The Daily Email

As a subscriber, every day before 12:00 Eastern Time you will be getting a single email from us that states our current position.


  • If you’re a subscriber to just one of the trading strategies by itself, your email will have information for just that one strategy

The VTS Indicators

The VTS Indicators are an easy to understand method of conveying the trade signals in our daily email to subscribers.  The needle will point to one of the only three possible positions our trading strategies will ever take:

VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.30.11 PM

VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy:

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 3.42.38 PM

VTS Iron Condor Strategy:

  • When we’re in cash, the above chart will be empty and you’ll get a daily reminder that we currently have no trades open

This is NOT Day Trading

None of our trading strategies are very active, so most of the time you will just read the email and nothing else will be required of you that day.  It’s extremely easy to follow our strategies.


  • The VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy averages 2.9 trade transactions per month
  • The VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy averages 3.5 trade transactions per month.
  • The VTS Iron Condor Strategy averages 1.9 trade transactions per month  (that includes both open and close)
  • The VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy averages 1.8 trade transactions per month
  • The VTS Conservative Vol Strategy averages 2.5 trade transactions per month

Executing Trades

On those few days per month when trades are required, you will open your trading software and execute the trades.


  • We do offer AutoTrading which makes the process completely hands off.  Click here for more information
  • Margin accounts are the easiest to work with, but cash accounts are also acceptable.  If you are using a margin account, you may choose to execute trades with “market on close” orders.  It’s not required, but I personally do this so that I execute all my trades at the same time of day.
  • If you are trading in Cash accounts, just input your trades manually at any time throughout the day.  We’re all very busy so honestly whenever is most convenient for you will work just fine.  The small differences in execution prices throughout the day should balance out over time.
  • IRA style tax sheltered accounts are allowed.  Our Tactical and Balanced strategies only trade long ETPs so all account structures are allowed.  For our Iron Condor Strategy, please contact your broker.  Several of the allow option trading within tax sheltered accounts, but there are some that don’t so please contact them directly.
  • The VTS Iron Condor Strategy does require a margin account with options trading authorization

Here is an example of a typical “Daily Trade Signals” email:

Daily Trade Signals

Every "Daily Trade Signals" email has a daily blog entry.  To see an example of a recent blog entry, click here

Then all the trade signals for the day will be displayed below as follows:

Daily Trade Signals   -   No New Trades Today
Total Portfolio Solution Strategies:

VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy:

-  We are currently in Cash

Today's Trade:  NO NEW TRADE.

Maintain Cash position


VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy:

-  We are currently Long MDY Stocks

Today's Trade:  NO NEW TRADE.

Maintain MDY Stocks position


VTS Iron Condor Strategy:

-  We are currently in Cash

Today's Trade:  NO NEW TRADE.

Maintain Current Cash position

Optional Replacement Strategies:


VTS Conservative Vol Strategy:

*  Optional replacement for the VTS Tactical Volatility for investors with lower risk tolerance

-  We are currently in Cash

Today's Trade:  NO NEW TRADE.

Maintain Current Cash position


VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy:

*  Optional replacement for the VTS Tactical Volatility for investors with higher risk tolerance

-  We are currently Long SVXY

Today's Trade:  NO NEW TRADE.

Maintain Current SVXY position


You can view all the “Daily Blogs” that are part of the “Daily Trade Signal” emails here:

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