VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy


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* Results include all trade fees, all ETF holding fees, and are adjusted for dividends.
* Performance on a hypothetical 25,000$ start value and using daily closing ETF prices.


  • Full statistics from December 2010 through July 2016

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Remember there are websites out there that for whatever reason are posting results going back further than December 2010.  The XIV didn’t exist before then, so no results should ever be posted based on a simulated backtest of a product that didn’t exist.  CLICK HERE to learn more


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CLICK HERE to see the full trade history from 2011 to present.


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What separates our trading style from others in the volatility space is our commitment to risk management and reducing losses to the least possible amount as you can see in the drawdown chart above. Only taking the high commitment trades does sometimes mean we leave some profit on the table in the short-run. However in the long-run it’s our focus on avoiding major drawdowns that make the returns superior.

Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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