Q2 2016 XIV / VXX Trading Results

Just looking at the raw numbers, it looks like a very boring quarter.  Very few trades and the final result being just a small loss.  So nothing much happened right?  Well subscribers know there's a little more to the story.  So let's dissect this wacky quarter of...

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Q1 2016 XIV / VXX Trading Results

2016 started with a bang.  The first week of 2016 was the largest weekly drop for the S&P 500 to open a new calendar year ever, and the broad markets went on to fall over 11% before finding a bottom in mid February.  This also put the S&P 500 down over 15% since the...

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Q4 2015 XIV / VXX Trading Results

While there were several moments when things were looking ugly within the broad markets, the signals weren't quite strong enough to be in any long volatility trades  (VXX).  Also Fed talk about the eventual interest rate hike that took place in December kept...

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Q3 2015 XIV / VXX Trading Results

What I've been talking about for over a year now has finally happened.  The long overdue correction in the stock market finally came and with it, an opportunity to showcase our risk management techniques.  We not only crushed our own benchmarks but we have once again...

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Q2 2015 XIV / VXX Trading Results

It was a very active quarter in both number of trades and percentage allocation, but sometimes that's necessary to avoid the disasters such as what happened at the end of June with that big drop.  The VIX is clearly getting more volatile, and the future is about as...

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Q1 2015 XIV / VXX Trading Results

It goes without saying that everybody likes to have profitable trading months, but for me what's even more satisfying is not losing ground when my benchmarks and other funds are.  There was definitely some carnage in the volatility space in January with the XIV down...

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Q4 2014 XIV / VXX Trading Results

The markets are finally without their training wheels as we've seen the completion of the FED's quantitative easing program  (at least for now)  and with it came a very interesting divergence in the market.  While the S&P 500 weathered the transition reasonably well...

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Q3 2014 XIV / VXX Trading Results

As far as the actual number of trades we took the quarter was pretty normal.  However, the percent of days we were in trades was very low compared to the longer term average.  Most of the trades we were in and out within a day or two which demonstrates that there's a...

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Q2 2014 XIV / VXX Trading Results

Although we had another great quarter of trading, to be honest the trade signals were so consistently positive and easy to interpret that I can say with confidence everybody and their dog would have made a nice profit last quarter trading the XIV.  The XIV itself was...

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Q1 2014 XIV / VXX Trading Results

Stocks got off to a rough start in 2014 following that monster year in 2013, being down over 3% in January.  As we've seen time and again though they recovered nicely in February and March.  Due to the nature of the market decline and subsequent recovery our fund...

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Q4 2013 XIV / VXX Trading Results

It seems the bull market still has some legs as it was a very strong year for stocks and naturally that is also a nice tailwind for the XIV which we trade.  Volatility Trading Strategies finished the year up about 77% in 2013.  Overall we're very pleased with how the...

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Q3 2013 XIV / VXX Trading Results

Stocks are having a great year through nine months of 2013 which has given the XIV a nice boost and our system here at Volatility Trading Strategies has captured the bulk of the good trades while leaving out most of the bad ones.  We're up 60% YTD. It's important to...

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Q2 2013 XIV / VXX Trading Results

Pretty flat this quarter, but it was mainly due to a single day loss over 10% there in April.  As I've talked about before, there isn't much that can be done to avoid single day drops in the XIV if they happen during reasonably stable periods so we just trust the...

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Q1 2013 XIV / VXX Trading Results

    Regardless of the many differences between all the tradable funds within the financial industry, they all have one thing in common.  They all had a first day where they began live trading.  That of course doesn't imply the managers experience began on that day...

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