VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy


Stocks Bonds & Gold Strategy


Our core balanced strategy cleverly allocates to stocks in stable markets and shifts to bonds and gold when markets are flashing warnings signs


* Includes all trade fees  (10$ per trade)  and adjusted for dividends.
* Simulated performance on a hypothetical 25,000$ account.
* An average of AutoTrading fill prices will be used when applicable starting May 2017


  • Full statistics from July 2006 through December 2017



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Traditional portfolio management typically holds positions in stocks bonds and gold in an attempt to diversify client portfolios.  While this strategy sounds fine in theory, in practice the reason it doesn’t work out as advertised is because each of those asset classes suffer significant drawdowns along the way which undermines the long-term performance.  Stocks down over 50% in 2008, or gold down 45% in the last few years, etc.

Our Tactical Balanced Strategy solves this problem by only allocating money into the strongest signals within those asset classes.  We still remain diversified in stocks bonds and gold but aren’t subject to those crashes and in the end our returns are substantially higher with far lower drawdowns.


Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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