VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy


Volatility ETN Strategy


VTS Family of 3 Volatility Strategies


* Includes all trade fees  (10$ per trade)  and adjusted for dividends where applicable.
* Simulated performance on a hypothetical 25,000$ account.
* An average of AutoTrading fill prices will be used where applicable.

* No leverage is ever used and margin is not required.


Full statistics from December 2010 through December 2017

Remember there are traders out there that for whatever reason are posting results going back further than December 2010.  The XIV didn’t exist before then, so no results should ever be posted based on a simulated backtest of a product that didn’t exist.  CLICK HERE  and  CLICK HERE  to learn more


CLICK HERE to see the full trade history from 2011 to present.


VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy     –     Long-term trade allocations:     40% in trades     /     60% in cash

* VTS Tactical Volatility does not trade during extremely low levels of volatility, which is the reason for the flat performance in 2017.  The strategy only took 10 trading days of 251 in 2017.  If you prefer more activity, perhaps the VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy would be more suitable.



In recent years professional traders have turned to exciting new exchange traded products such as XIV and VXX in an attempt to turn market volatility into a tradable asset class.  While short-term results have at times been impressive, the lack of risk management has led to very large portfolio drawdowns during market declines and weak long-term returns.

Our VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy is unique as we focus primarily on mitigating risk and have developed dynamic indicators that successfully reduce losses to the least possible amount.  

We understand the secret to long-term success isn’t making big gains when the markets cooperate.  The real secret is not giving it back when they don’t.  


Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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