VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy


ETPs:   SVXY  /  Cash  /  VIXY

* Includes all trade fees  (10$ per trade)  and adjusted for dividends where applicable.
* Simulated performance on a hypothetical 25,000$ account.

* No leverage is ever used and margin is not required.


* Attempting to reduce risk, in February 2018 ProShares modified it’s targeted tracking of the short-term futures index from 1x to 0.5x.  This may or may not effect forward risk adjusted performance, but we support the change into a safer product and will continue to use SVXY.  


  • Full statistics from November 2011 through July 2018



VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy     –     Long-term trade allocations:     73% in trades     /     27% in cash


Investing in the various Volatility ETPs that have been introduced in the last several years such as SVXY and ZIV is exploding in popularity, and for good reason.  Understanding the volatility markets and exactly how and why these products move around has proven quite profitable in the last several years.  

Unfortunately though, for many investors the volatility markets are complicated.  In some cases we are talking about derivatives of derivatives so the information barrier is quite high.  In truth most investors don’t fully understand the VIX index, VIX futures, or how to take advantage of the volatility risk premium.

That’s where our family of comprehensive and robust volatility strategies comes in, offering a tailor made fit to every investors own level of risk tolerance.  The VTS Aggressive Vol strategy targets a higher frequency of trades while still managing risk and avoiding extended drawdowns. 


Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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