VTS Iron Condor Strategy – Index Option Spreads (RUT, NDX, SPX)


Important Note:  All Iron Condor results are based on realized gains and losses, not results tabulated at the end of the calendar months like our other ETF strategies.  Although no Iron Condor trades are ever held longer than 30 days, sometimes positions are held through the calendar months and results are calculated when they are closed out.


* Includes all trade fees  (10$ per trade + 0.70$ per option contract)  
* Simulated performance on a hypothetical 25,000$ account.


  • Statistics from January 2012 through May 2018




When viewed in the short-term, markets just tend to chop around sideways not making any dramatic moves in either direction.  It’s rare that the S&P 500 for example moves more than 7 or 8% either way in any one or two month period.  Yet still the vast majority of traders simply take long or short positions in traditional asset classes completely missing out on this unique trading opportunity.

Our VTS Iron Condor Strategy is perfectly designed to capture profit when markets just chop around without any definitive direction, and then we apply layers of risk management to deal with the rare times when they do move significantly.

It’s our opinion that everyone should have at least some derivatives exposure, making the VTS Iron Condor strategy a great addition to any long term balanced portfolio.  


Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

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