In the last few decades an astonishing 85% of active fund managers failed to beat their benchmarks which begs the question:  Why do people continue to pay high management fees for such widespread underperformance?

At Volatility Trading Strategies we make it clear from the outset, our goal is to outperform passive investing to ensure that people are getting maximum value added for their trust in our management, and our Total Portfolio Solution is the embodiment of that promise.

Exceptional performance, unparalleled risk management, at just a fraction of the fees. That’s our commitment to you.

Due to favorable market conditions, volatility ETP trading has exploded in popularity in the last couple years but in my opinion the majority of traders are far too aggressive.  Their seemingly impressive performance in many cases is simply the result of a consistently upward sloping VIX Futures Term Structure in the last few years.

When the markets turn the other way  (which they will at some point)  it’s going to be the average investor that takes the biggest hit.  Volatility trading is a lot harder than this new wave of fund managers are acknowledging.

Diversify your portfolio, allocate conservatively, and only focus on safer strategies so you don’t end up turning this fantastic volatility trading opportunity into a liability when markets don’t cooperate.

*  Vol Strategy for those with lower risk tolerance

In recent years professional traders have turned to exciting new exchange traded products such as XIV and VXX in an attempt to turn market volatility into a tradable asset class.  While short-term results have at times been impressive, the lack of risk management has led to very large portfolio drawdowns during market declines and weak long-term returns.

Our VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy is unique as we focus primarily on mitigating risk and have developed dynamic indicators that successfully reduce losses to the least possible amount.

We understand the secret to long-term success isn’t making big gains when the markets cooperate.  The real secret is not giving it back when they don’t.

*  Stock replacement through VXX options

Investing in the various Volatility ETPs that have been introduced in the last several years such as SVXY and ZIV is exploding in popularity, and for good reason.  Understanding the volatility markets and exactly how and why these products move around has proven quite profitable in the last several years.  

Unfortunately though, for many investors the volatility markets are complicated.  In many cases we are talking about derivatives of derivatives so the information barrier is high.  In truth most investors don’t fully understand the VIX index, VIX futures, or how to take advantage of the volatility risk premium.

That’s where our family of comprehensive volatility strategies comes in, offering a tailor made fit to every investors level of risk tolerance.  The VTS Aggressive Vol strategy targets a higher frequency of trades while still managing risk and avoiding extended drawdowns. 

* Vol Strategy for those with higher risk tolerance

Traditional portfolio management typically holds positions in stocks bonds and gold in an attempt to diversify client portfolio’s.  While this strategy sounds fine in theory, in practice the reason it doesn’t work as advertised is because each of those asset classes suffer significant drawdowns along the way which undermines the long-term performance.  Stocks down over 50% in 2008, or gold down 45% in the last few years, etc.

Our Tactical Balanced Strategy solves this problem by only allocating money into the strongest signals within each asset class.  We still remain diversified in stocks bonds and gold but aren’t subject to those crashes and in the end our returns are substantially higher with far lower drawdowns.

Our VTS community is growing fast and I receive a lot of great questions from everyone asking about other types of trades outside of our existing systematic rules based strategies  (VTS Tactical Balanced, VTS Combined Volatility, VTS Iron Condors)

In an effort to give back to the community and maximize value for your support, the VTS Discretionary Strategy will focus on a much wider variety of trade types.  Everything from shorting stocks to risk reversals to pairs trading, and even cryptocurrencies.

Each trade will be accompanied by a detailed article or video outlining the strategy, the risk reward profile, any stop-losses we will implement, and everything you need to learn about it and perhaps in time begin trading a small portion of your own capital.

Brent Osachoff

Brent Osachoff

Founder of Volatility Trading Strategies


Brent Osachoff is the founder of Volatility Trading Strategies, a website dedicated to the education and development of diversified investment solutions in volatility, equities and derivatives.

A graduate of Simon Fraser University in Canada with a B.A. Economics, Brent has 12 years of extensive experience in developing quantitative trading strategies.

Brent Osachoff is also a volatility strategist at Invest In Vol, The Volatility Advisor.


Invest In Vol is a Registered Investment Advisor offering clients a diverse set of volatility strategies in one managed account.

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